March Madness for The Pearl Girls

March 5, 2011

While India is away in Hong Kong and China visiting pearl farms, meeting with designers and doing great things for The Pearl Girls, there are a lot of awesome things going on with The Pearl Girls at home! March brings so many exciting things for The Pearl Girls!

This month we have a new Facebook promotion going on. If you suggest a friend to “like” The Pearl Girls on Facebook, then both you and your friend who “likes” the page receive a 15% discount for The Pearl Girls Jewelry!! It’s so simple, and who wouldn’t want to take this opportunity for a great discount on great jewelry! So spread the word about The Pearl Girls and get 15% off! It’s as easy as that!  This promotion is for the month of March only, so don’t miss out! Here’s the link for The Pearl Girls facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/thepearlgirls

Also The Pearl Girls feature in the April edition of Southern Living Magazine is coming out at the end of March! This is so very exciting for The Pearl Girls, and we’d love for you to see it. Don’t forget to subscribe for Southern Living Magazine, so you don’t miss out on this awesome moment for The Pearl Girls! Subscribe here! https://subscription.southernliving.com/storefront/subscribe-to-southern-living/site/sl-5offhoctoptin1110.html;jsessionid=JTQwNyVpLp1X4n1LPPsp3nBLmxWqNWsfDGFw1g1zHrZ1LXy1Mt19!-829442717?link=1000885

The Spring 2011 Collection is coming out now!! There are so many new awesome pieces of jewelry, and we guarantee that you will love them! There are a variety of unique and modern pieces of jewelry in this collection, so don’t forget to check out the new Spring 2011 Collection on http://www.pearl-girls.com and on The Pearl Girls facebook page!

As you can see this is an exciting month for The Pearl Girls and our customers! The Pearl Girls are now sending out certificates of authenticity with all of The Pearl Girls jewelry, so you know just how special your pearls are! Be looking out for that in any jewelry you order! When India returns from her trip to Hong Kong and China, we will surely have a lot of great things to share with everyone! Hopefully we’ll have some cool videos and exciting information! Can’t wait to tell everyone about the trip! Check back next week for an exciting recap!


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