Pearl Worthy Moment

May 17, 2011

Throughout the history of The Pearl Girls, we have heard from our customers about the special moments that they bought pearls for. Pearls are a classic item that are perfect for  all events from the most significant moments to the daily activities. Here are some of the special moments that our customers purchased The Pearl Girls jewelry for throughout the past few years, and we’d love to add yours to the list!

This year we were contacted by an esteemed Poet and English Professor from Virginia who was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship. She purchased the Black Opera Necklace to wear to the Guggenheim reception in New York City! This is a great example of how a classic piece of jewelry can be used to celebrate huge days in the lives of our customers!

Yvonne in  Florida treated herself to the Samantha Necklace in honor of her 60 birthday! We believe sometimes the gifts you give yourself are the best ones of all!

Nathan from Tennessee bought the Classic Necklace for his wife and the Little Girl Necklace for his new baby daughter to present to each of them after his daughter’s birth. It will surely be something that they will remember and treasure for a lifetime.

Elizabeth from Pennsylvania bought the Pearl and Faceted Crystal Earrings for her bridal party! Every bride needs the perfect pearl necklace and earrings to accompany her glowing expression on one of the most important days of her life!

Anne from Georgia bought the Opera Length White Necklace to wear to her daughter’s wedding! The mother of the bride needs to look amazing too!

Lillian from California bought the cultured pearl cross “because she once saw a similar piece on the necklace belonging to a movie star!” Every woman deserves to feel like a celebrity every now and then!

Scott from Florida celebrated his first wedding anniversary by buying his wife the Classic Pearl Necklace. This is the perfect gift for a first anniversary.

Nancy’s husband gives their daughter one new pearl to add to her necklace every year when they attend the Nutcracker Ballet tomorrow. What a special and unique tradition!

Jessica and Sutton received pearls for their college graduations. Pearls are a coming of age gift that can accompany any girl into her life as a woman.

We’d love to hear about your special stories involving pearls as well! It’s so great for us to hear what your pearls mean to you!


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  1. I ha always wanted a strand of “real” pearls. This was luxury that I could never justify. Much to my shock, my daughter presented me beautiful stand of pearls Christmas 1998. It was a gift that I still treasure. In fact, I wore them today.

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