The Perfect Pearls for Upcoming Senior Girls

July 5, 2011

It’s time for senior pictures for the class of 2012! Hard to believe!

Almost every girl has that special senior picture that starts being taken the summer before their senior year. This picture is sent off to family and friends across the country, included in graduation announcements, hung up at graduation parties, placed on the mantle for years to come and most memorably in the senior section of the year book forever.

If you were to ask anyone what most senior pictures of young women have in common they would say one thing: pearls. Pearls are seen in nearly every formal senior picture in the year book. I counted in my own year book from high school, and nearly 75% of the girls were wearing pearl neckalces in their pictures. That’s a lot!

There’s no better time to become part of this classic tradition. The Pearl Girls believe in providing affordable and quality jewelry to women and girls of every age. We have classic strands of pearls in different colors, sizes, and lengths to fit your particular style and taste. Senior pictures are being taken now, so give your daughter, niece, friend, granddaughter, or yourself a gift that will last a lifetime and contribute to the senior picture tradition! Let yourself be able to look back at your senior picture one day and know you looked your very best in The Pearl Girls pearls!


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