Fall Fabulously into Fall with The Pearl Girls!

August 27, 2011

This fall is crazy and amazing for The Pearl Girls! With so many exciting things going on, we wanted to take some time to update you on all that’s going on and everything you can expect from us over the next few months!

September 1st marks the launch of the brand new Fall/Winter Collection! This collection has a ton of new and exciting things, and we think there is definitely something for everyone! You will find some classic pieces along with some more modern and unique jewelry. There are wraps, new types and colors of pearls, jewelry with leather and so many other exciting things!  Just a few days ago we had our photo shoot for this new collection! It was so exciting to see all of the jewelry being worn and how great it all looked on so many people! We can’t wait to see it on you! We are also working on getting together some videos for the jewelry about how to wear it and take care of it! Be looking out for all of these things soon! Here are some pictures from the photo shoot! You can find more photos from the shoot here and the entire Fall/Winter Collection here!

Picture 1: Left- Persian Delight Necklace and Bracelet, Right- Pearl Links Necklace, Picture 2: Full Moon Necklace & Earrings

With the launch of the new collection, we will also be launching the brand new website at www.thepearlgirls.com! We are so excited for this, and we hope it makes viewing the jewelry, staying connected with us and navigating the website so much easier for everyone! We look forward to hearing everyones feedback!

The Pearl Girls are also working on becoming more involved with magazines and other publications around the country! We recently wrote an article for InStore Magazine, which will be coming out in October. The article was all about the differences in pricing and value of pearls and what makes pearls different. It turned out really well! We have also been talking with Brides Magazine, O Magazine and Real Simple Magazine, so hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more from The Pearl Girls this coming Fall and Winter! Be looking out for us!

We are so excited for everything that is happening this Fall, and we hope that you enjoy the new Fall/Winter Collection! Don’t forget to check out The Pearl Girls’ Website on September 1st, so that you can be the first to get the jewelry from the new collection and check out the new and improved website! Keep your eyes peeled for The Pearl Girls in magazines this fall too!


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